In this second part of our two-part series on preparing for your newborn session (you can view part one here), we are sharing all of the tips and instructions we provide our clients during their pre-session design consultation. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth we think you will find these tips helpful while planning for your newborn session.

preparing for your newborn session dallas fort worth newborn photographer

1. Scheduling

Newborn sessions are generally scheduled within the first two weeks after the baby is born. We prefer days 7-14. However, we have years of experience photographing newborns and are comfortable and confident that we can capture beautiful images of your newborn at any stage. So don’t stress if for some reason you are not able to bring your newborn to the studio within the first two weeks after your baby is born.


2. Keep your baby awake before your session

Our first tip is probably the most important but also the one with a big, fat disclaimer. Ideally, we suggest that you try to keep the baby awake for an hour or so prior to your session. You may want to give them a bath, give a little lotion massage to clear up some of that dry skin, or give them some tummy time. However, if your baby is exhausted and just wants to sleep and eat, by all means, let them. The last thing we would want is for mom and dad to arrive at their newborn session feeling flustered and emotionally spent. Follow your baby’s lead. But if you are able to plan to give them a bath and allow for more awake time before your session without stressing you and/or baby that would be ideal.


3. How to dress your baby

We have everything you need in our studio for your photo session so there is no need to plan any special outfits for your newborn. Everything is taken care of for you. It is helpful though if you dress baby in something that is easy to remove. Ideally, an outfit that zips or buttons down the front versus something that needs to be removed over their head. We ask that you put baby’s diaper on a little looser than you normally would right before putting them in the car seat. And no tight hats either. This will help avoid undesirable red marks on the baby.


4. Breastfeeding

If you will be exclusively breastfeeding your baby we recommend being mindful of what you are eating and drinking for at least 24 hours prior to your session. While all babies tolerate things differently it is just a good idea to keep this in mind before your session.


5. Feeding your baby

If you are able to feed your baby right before coming to the session that is ideal. Then we can get started immediately creating those beautiful images you are going to cherish. However, you are welcome to breast or bottlefeed in the studio at any time that baby needs to.


6. Timing

Newborn sessions can be unpredictable. Your session can take two to three hours. We recommend not scheduling any activities after your session.

Most importantly, sit back and relax! We will take care of everything for you!


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We hope this has been helpful in preparing for your newborn session. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to learn more about scheduling a design consultation.


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