Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market- Online Course

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My style of teaching is very much like my art, unique and specific to my student. I want to help each of my students grow in the areas where you will most benefit. I currently offer an online class for helping photographers build a luxury brand. I also offer limited one on one mentoring and occasional workshops. Inquire to learn more.

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pricing and branding for the luxury market

The Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market course will take an in-depth look at the photography market and the purchasing habits of potential clients, especially within the luxury market. We’ll discuss how to position yourself in the luxury market to best achieve your studio’s financial goals. Lindsay will address those common questions and fears that sometimes stop us from progressing or making sound business financial decisions. Creating a superlative client experience that will attract the types of clients who truly value photography is essential and we will cover that entire workflow from start to finish. We will delve deep into evaluating your costs and determining your cost of doing business and then use this as a jumping off point for creating pricing specific to your business that will ensure profitability and sustainability. We will talk through pricing strategies, choosing the right finished artwork options for your brand and how to make selling to clients easy.

Volume 1: Understanding the differences between the luxury market and the commodity market and how those clients behave
Volume 2: Designing a brand and an experience that will attract the luxury market client
Volume 3: More on designing the luxury market experience
Volume 4: Marketing the luxury experience
Volume 5: Audience Questions
Volume 6: More Audience Questions
Volume 7: Steps for Determining Your Pricing
Volume 8: Pricing Individual Artwork
Volume 9: Selling Digitals and Pricing Artwork
Volume 10: Pricing Strategies
Volume 11: Making Selling Easy
Volume 12: Final Questions

Included in Your Course:

3 Worksheets

12 Videos

Cost of Doing Business Worksheet (excel spreadsheet)
Calculating Your Time (excel spreadsheet)
Pricing Your Artwork (excel spreadsheet)




The materials in the Pricing and Branding for the Luxury Market course are protected by copyright laws. Due to the nature of the materials in this course all sales are final. If you have questions please join us in Lindsay’s Facebook mentoring group

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"She took the time to go through the whole process of newborn photography from idea to implementation to finished artwork. I learned a few things that that were missing in my workflow, which I know, will be game changers."

Erin, Photographer

"Working with her has been such an eye opening experience. Her patience and attention to detail is exemplary… Her mentoring style is the same as her photography style, relaxed but supremely professional. There is so much more I have to learn from this one-woman wonder! Thank you for the privilege of being able to work with one of the masters of this craft!"

elise, photographer

"Lindsay is wonderful, I really learned a lot at the workshop she teaches. An amazing experience!"

liz, photographer

"I did mentoring with Lindsay in early 2017, she took the time to teach me all the ins-and outs of posing, wrapping and the business side of things as well as safety. She taught me how to do my CODB and how to charge my worth and be confident about it. She changed my business. I now am completely booked through June with newborns and all because she taught me what I know today! She helped me find my own unique style within myself and how to best use studio lighting (which I had ZERO knowledge of before I walked in her studio) I’ll always be thankful for the time I had with her and the help she still gives me today."

cortney, photographer

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