One of the advantages of booking with Lindsay Walden Photography for your newborn photography session is that we create an experience that is seamless, fun, and completely stress-free.

One of the first things we do to help alleviate any of your concerns is to invite you to meet with us for a pre-session design consultation. At this consultation, we will go over everything you need to know to ensure you are well prepared for your newborn photography session.

Today we are highlighting a few of the tips that we share with our clients during that consultation.

dallas fort worth newborn photography session baby boy in blue

What to Bring to your Newborn Photography Session

#1 – Pacifier

If you are comfortable with your baby using a pacifier then definitely bring one (or two or three!). We use these on a limited basis during our newborn photography session to help soothe baby as we change poses.

It helps them stay calm and content in between shots. We particularly like the Soothie brand as these will not leave marks on the baby’s face. We also prefer pacifiers without anything attached to them.

The styles that have a stuffed animal or tether attached to them are AWESOME for using at home or when you are out on the run, while there are other Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas which could be great for the decoration of our home in preparation of the newborn photography session. But in the studio, it is much easier for us to comfort and pose your baby with just a simple pacifier.

dallas fort worth newborn photography session baby boy in blue

#2 – Extra bottles, breastmilk, formula and/or breast pump (if applicable)

If you are supplementing or feeding solely from a bottle we always recommend that you bring a little more than you would expect to use during a 2-3 hour photo session.

We keep the studio nice and warm, are moving baby around a fair amount, and they tend to be quite hungry. If you bring a bottle then my assistant or I will happily feed your baby for you during the session.

dallas fort worth newborn photography session baby boy in blue

#3 – Heirlooms

For each of our sessions, we meet at the design consultation to discuss the overall aesthetic for the newborn photography session as well as any specific images we can create for you.

We love incorporating elements that you bring from home that are meaningful to you and tell a story. We only ask that you send a photo of whatever you plan to bring before the session or bring it with you to the consultation so we can plan with intention how we can incorporate your item into an image in a beautiful and thoughtful way.

#4 – Snacks

We provide an abundance of snacks and cold water for our clients during their newborn photography session.

However, if you have allergies or specific preferences you may also want to tuck a few things into your bag. Two to three hours can be a long time especially when you are breastfeeding.

#5 – Clothing

During your design consultation, we will discuss in detail what to wear for your session. However, we also want you to keep in mind that it will be quite warm in the studio during your session so you may want to dress in layers.

We also recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case. Sometimes pee or poo happens and no one wants to drive home in those clothes!

dallas fort worth newborn family photoWe hope this has been helpful. Our next blog post will be all about those things you can do the morning of your session to help you prepare for a successful newborn photography session.

dallas fort worth newborn baby boy in blue

As always, if you would like to learn more about our fine art newborn photography sessions feel free to contact us.

Lindsay Walden Photography is based in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and specializes in Newborn Photography.

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