Maternity Milk bath sessions are one of our most popular add-ons to a regular maternity session. These can be added to the end of any in-studio maternity session. They are a unique and beautiful way to remember your pregnancy. I love how each maternity milk bath photoshoot is different.

Maternity milk bath photoshoot at Lindsay Walden's photo studio

We begin with your complimentary design consultation. Here I’ll meet with you in person to talk about the design for your unique session. We may incorporate a favorite flower or colors that you love. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose from over 80 beautiful gowns for your session. I’ll explain everything you need to know about your session including what to expect, what to bring, and how to prepare. As these are an add-on to an in-studio maternity session you will have a variety of beautiful looks, multiple gowns, and poses in your gallery of images.

maternity milk bath photoshoot
with Dallas photographer

What to expect of your maternity milk bath photoshoot

Your maternity milk bath photoshoot will be done at the end of your in-studio maternity session. All of my clients comment on how relaxing it is. I use a mixture of powdered milk and cornstarch in the bath which leaves your skin feeling soft and luxurious. We use real flowers in and surrounding the tub silk flowers don’t float! which leaves you smelling beautifully fragrant. When you are finished we will have a cozy, warm bathrobe waiting for you and fresh towels. We usually are able to send you home with a fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers too.

Maternity session with yellow gown and flowers

I love styling milk baths and pampering my clients with this amazing experience. It creates a truly unique memory and is such a lovely way to remember your pregnancy.

And in case you were wondering, milk baths aren’t only for expectant mothers. They are darling for your little one’s as well!

baby milk bath Dallas photographer
baby milk bath Dallas photographer

To learn more about maternity milk bath sessions or to book your session please contact us to schedule your design consultation here. I can’t wait to meet you!