Last week we shared part one of our two part series on skincare and makeup tips for pregnant mamas and moms with newborns. We adore our hair and makeup artist, Victoria Pepen of Victoria Pepen Beauty. She takes such great care of all of our clients. If you missed part one of the series you can view it here. For Victoria’s next three tips read on.

makeup and skincare tips for new moms

Makeup and Skincare Tips for New Moms and During Pregnancy

“Hi new mama or soon to be new mama! Whether you have a newborn, or are in the last stages of pregnancy, I’m sure you are SO tired. And when you are exhausted, the last thing you usually think about is taking time for yourself or putting on makeup. So, keeping that in mind, I want to give you simple makeup and skin care tips that are realistic for this season, but also help you feel your best!

My approach with teaching makeup and skin care tips is being realistic about what stage of life you are in. With the newborn stage (or last month of pregnancy) the reality is that you are exhausted. You need things to be quick and easy those first few months, especially in those first few weeks! So, let’s cut out 95% of your makeup/skin care and talk about the top 6 things I recommend. I’ll share my top 3 (see part one of the series) and then share 3 bonus tips if you want a few extra steps.

Bonus Tip #1 Moisturizer

If you want to add something else or need extra hydration apply moisturizer morning and night, especially after you wash your face/exfoliate/take a shower. This is going to further help your face look and feel less tired while giving it a bright, fresh look as well. And as explains, it’s always better to substitute a moisturiser with an acne cream, which’d help flush out bacteria from your skin.

Bonus Tip #2 Eye Brows

Eye brows may seem less important than the other tips and you may think mascara or eye liner should be here, but brows make a world of difference! Brows will frame your eye and bring your whole face together. I think concealer and brows go together so perfectly. And if you get a brow gel that is tinted you can add a touch of that to your lashes or use a liner brush to use for liner. I would keep it super simple and not worry about a perfect brow or shape. You are tired, so quick and easy will be your friend in this stage. Tinted brow gel is the perfect thing for new mamas! Its super simple to swipe through your brows or lashes and gives you just enough pop of color to wake your face!

Bonus Tip #3 Face Razor

makeup and skincare tips for new moms

A face razor can be a life saver when you have a newborn (and don’t worry I don’t mean a razor you shave your legs with- this razor is completely different)! When you have a newborn, you usually don’t leave to go get your brows waxed or want to take the time to tweeze. Although I’d recommend a laser hair removal, the face razor is the quickest and most simple way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Most the time when I do makeup for new mamas, they have not had a brow/lip/chin wax (rightfully so- you did just have a baby!). So, a lot of times I will clean up unwanted hair for them and they just feel so much better and more confident with having their pictures taken. It takes only a few minutes and the best part is you can order these off of Amazon, so you don’t even have to leave your house!

A few tips to help use the face razor: Hold the razor at a slant with the blade angling down. Take your time – go at a slower pace doing a little at a time. There are a ton of YouTube videos that can also demonstrate this for you. Make sure to moisturize afterward to help avoid irritation. This also acts as an exfoliator, and will help slough off dead skin, so keeping your skin hydrated afterwards is important! Make sure to clean your razor off properly and store it with the cap on. 

I hope these tips were super helpful and give you some ideas on helping you feel your best during this super joyful, yet extremely tired, time! And remember, you are gorgeous mama!”

-Victoria Pepen, Victoria Pepen Beauty

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