Tips for Pregnancy and Moms with Newborns

One of our favorite things about the experience at Lindsay Walden Photography is our fabulous hair and makeup artist, Victoria Pepen. Victoria is exceptional at her profession and does an amazing job pampering our sweet clients and making sure they feel like a million dollars. And she is just a wonderful human being. I love her beauty tips. Last time she advised me to find out more about LA Beauty and I absolutely love its products. We are so pleased to share this informative and helpful article Victoria wrote for our clients with makeup and skin care tips for moms with newborns and during your pregnancy.

Makeup and Skin Care Tips for new moms and during pregnancy

“Hi new mama or soon to be new mama! Whether you have a newborn, or are in the last stages of pregnancy, I’m sure you are SO tired. And when you are exhausted, the last thing you usually think about is taking time for yourself or putting on makeup. So, keeping that in mind, I want to give you simple makeup and skin care tips that are realistic for this season, but also help you feel your best!

My approach with teaching makeup and skin care tips is being realistic about what stage of life you are in. With the newborn stage (or last month of pregnancy) the reality is that you are exhausted. You need things to be quick and easy those first few months, especially in those first few weeks! So, let’s cut out 95% of your makeup/skin care and talk about the top 6 things I recommend. I’ll share my top 3 and then share 3 bonus tips if you want a few extra steps (in part 2 of this blog series).

Tip #1 Exfoliator

I can’t tell you how many people forget this step with their skin care routines or really don’t know why its so important! Especially when working with those with newborns, this is the last thing they think about doing. Exfoliating removes the oldest skin cells from the outermost surface. It helps your skin feel smoother, appear healthy and glowing, helps with fine lines and wrinkles, lightens dark spots, assists in clearing acne/breakouts, allows your makeup to go on better, makes you look more awake, brightens and takes away dull looking skin, and so many more things. This is the number one thing I recommend! I like skin rejuvenation procedure at Touch Up Laser (more info at I should say that sometimes my skin is so radiant after exfoliation like I just came back after professional skin care procedure. Exfoliate 1-3 times per week depending on your skin type (dry/sensitive skin less frequently, oily/acne prone more frequently). I recommend leaving your exfoliator in the shower so its right there when you shower. Los Angeles blog offers effective non-invasive cosmetic treatments for your skin.

An idea I like to tell clients is do this on the days you shave or wash your hair, so it just becomes a part of your routine. Keep in mind, this is also great to do right before you get your makeup done for your newborn photos. I promise, you will never stop once you feel how wonderful your face looks and feels (don’t forget to exfoliate your lips too. You will see why with my next tip)!

Tip #2 Lip Balm

It might seem like a silly thing to add in my top list, but almost every mom I do makeup for, that has just had a baby, has extremely dry lips. I would recommend getting a few so you can keep one in your diaper bag, one by your bed, and one or two in other places you spend the most time in your home. It may sound like an overload of lip balm, but this will make it so much easier and be a consistent reminder to keep your lips hydrated without having to search for it or go upstairs or in another room. Over all, keeping your lips hydrated will make you appear less tired and look fresher! Extra tip: get a tinted balm that gives your lip some color. You can also apply the tinted balm/chap stick to your cheeks for a little flush of color. 

Tip #3 Concealer

One of my favorite things is concealer. Nothing hides that “new mama tired” like concealer. Its my favorite part when doing anyone’s makeup but especially for those with newborns. Every new mama that sits in my chair will say things like “please make me look less tired” or “I don’t care what you do as long as these dark circles are covered” or “is there anything we can do to make me look more awake?”. Concealer will give you the ultimate brightened and awakened look every mom needs! Get one that is 1 to 3 shades lighter than your skin tone, depending how bright of an undereye you want. If you are new to concealer or want a more natural awakened undereye then only go 1-2 shades lighter. To apply the correct way, and for the most brightened/lifted undereye look, think of an upside-down triangle right under your eye. Don’t forget to also add a touch to your eye lids, this will help your overall eye look brighter. And remember, you can apply the concealer to any blemishes or redness on your face to make your overall face appear even.

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I hope these tips were super helpful and give you some ideas on helping you feel your best during this super joyful, yet extremely tired, time! And remember, you are gorgeous mama!”

-Victoria Pepen, Victoria Pepen Beauty

Stay tuned for part two of Victoria’s helpful blog post on makeup and skin care tips during pregnancy and for new moms. For more information on fine art maternity and newborn photography sessions with Lindsay Walden Photography please contact us here.

Makeup and Skin Care Tips for new moms and during pregnancy