Creative Newborn Sibling Photos

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As a mother, I know how important newborn sibling photos are. We just want that one perfect image of our children together loving one another. There really is not much that warms our hearts more than seeing the love and the bond our children have for each other. And probably nothing that drives us more insane than seeing them fight with each other!

At Lindsay Walden Photography we take the newborn sibling photos very seriously. It is one of the most important images we can capture for our clients. We invite our clients to meet with us prior to their session for a pre-session design consultation.

During this consultation we will talk through strategies we use to:

1) make sure we can capture a beautiful sibling image that our clients will love. No matter the age of the sibling.

2) ensure your newborn is safe and comfortable throughout the process.

3) the styling and design for the image(s).

Here is an adorable video of some of our favorite newborn sibling photos. So many proud big brothers and sisters!

Oftentimes big brother or sister is in the delightful toddler stage when on any given day their mood can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. We are always prepared for this and take the time to get to know each little client so they can warm up to us and feel comfortable being photographed. If they are feeling particularly unpredictable that day we will often photograph them separately from their newborn sibling and then composite the two images together later.

We offer a variety of darling little girl gowns for big sisters who want to play dress-up for their newborn sibling photos. We love making sure our little clients feel excited and extra special for

For more information about our fine art newborn photography sessions or how we can create the perfect newborn sibling images for your family please contact us here.