underwater maternity photoshoot

Pregnancy is a magical and transformative time in a woman’s life. The anticipation, joy, and profound connection with the growing life inside you are unparalleled. While traditional maternity photoshoots are beautiful, there is a growing trend towards unique and captivating experiences, such as underwater maternity photoshoots. In this blog post, I will explore the enchantment of an underwater maternity photoshoot, how to prepare for it, and what to expect.

  1. The Sublime Beauty of Underwater Maternity Photos: Underwater maternity photoshoots offer an ethereal and whimsical quality that traditional sessions may not capture. The weightlessness, flowing fabrics, and gentle movements create a serene and dreamlike ambiance. The water adds a magical element that enhances the natural glow of an expectant mother. The resulting images are often breathtaking, captivating moments frozen in time.
  2. Finding the Right Photographer: Choosing the right photographer is crucial for a successful underwater maternity photoshoot. At Lindsay Walden Photography I have twenty plus years of photographing subjects underwater. As a certified advanced scuba diver I understand a lot about movement underwater and how to capture it beautifully.
  3. Safety First: Safety is our number one priority during an underwater maternity photoshoot. I’ll explain more about the many safety precautions we take during your underwater maternity photoshoot in this blog.
Underwater Maternity Photoshoot

How to Prepare for Your Underwater Maternity Photoshoot

Prior to booking your session I invite you to meet with me in person for a complementary design consultation. During this consultation we will discuss everything you need to know about your underwater maternity photoshoot. To follow are just a few of the things we will discuss.

a. Timing: We typically will schedule your underwater photoshoot around the beginning of your third trimester. At this stage, your belly will have a beautiful round shape, and you’ll still feel comfortable in the water.

b. Swimming Ability: While you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, basic swimming skills are essential. At your design consultation I will explain some easy tips to practice in your own pool that will help your session go smoothly. We utilize a pool that does not go beyond 5 feet in depth so you will never be in very deep water.

c. Selecting Wardrobe: With over 200 gorgeous gowns and fabrics to choose from the design consultation is a great opportunity to try on and pick out your favorites for your session. I will advise you as to which gowns and fabrics will photograph best underwater. Flowing dresses or fabric wraps accentuate the beauty of your baby bump. Bold, solid colors or soft pastels tend to work well, but choose what resonates with your personal style. You’ll typically wear a nude strapless bra and nude underwear.

I’ll answer any questions you have about your underwater session during your design consultation and make sure you are well prepared.

underwater maternity photoshoot

What to Expect at Your Underwater Photoshoot

Your underwater maternity photoshoot is designed to be a fun and memorable experience. I do warn my clients that it will be a workout.

a. Patience and Practice: Underwater photoshoots require time and practice to capture the perfect shots. Be prepared for multiple takes and adjust your expectations accordingly. There is a lot of going up and down in the water.

b. Hair and Makeup: Our fabulous professional hair and makeup artist is experienced with waterproof makeup that will stay put during your shoot and will look amazing from beginning to end. We always recommend individual lashes instead of lash strips or lash extensions for our underwater shoots.

c. Location and Environment: Our pool is conveniently located just minutes from our Colleyville studio. Many clients opt to add an in studio session prior to their underwater session. The pool can be heated year round so your photoshoot will always be comfortable.

d. Supportive Crew: My assistant and I will be there to assist and ensure your safety. My assistant’s main job during your underwater shoot is safety. She’ll be monitoring the dress to make sure you don’t get tangled and is there to support you whenever you need it.

e. Relaxation Techniques: I will guide you through various poses and breathing techniques to create the desired aesthetic. Relaxation is key, as it helps achieve the graceful movements and expressions that make underwater maternity photos so enchanting.

Underwater maternity photoshoots offer a truly unique and enchanting way to capture the beauty and serenity of pregnancy. By carefully preparing, choosing the right photographer, prioritizing safety, and embracing the experience, you can create timeless images that celebrate this extraordinary chapter of your life. Cherish the memories, and let the underwater world embrace the radiant beauty of motherhood.

Remember, every pregnancy is different, and what matters most is your comfort and well-being. Whether you choose an underwater maternity shoot or a traditional session, the essence lies in celebrating and preserving the awe-inspiring journey of bringing new life into the world. To book your complementary design consultation click here.