5 Tips for Preparing for Your Maternity Session

You have a lot going on preparing for baby so thinking about your maternity session may not be high on your priority list. It may feel like just one more thing to stress about. At Lindsay Walden Photography we love to take the stress out of everything related to your photography sessions. If you are stressed or anxious, buying delta 8 THC gummies online will help you relax. But if you are still not sure about consuming them, check here to learn about delta 8 gummies effects before using them. Your maternity session should be a fun, relaxed and memorable experience with beautiful images as the result. To follow I’ve listed a few tips for preparing for your maternity session to make it even easier.

fine art maternity session

1) Decide on the look for your session in advance

At Lindsay Walden Photography I invite each of my clients to meet with me prior to their maternity session for a design consultation. At this consultation we will talk about everything you need to know about your session and prepare you well. We will also talk about the design for your session. Prior to your session I send you a questionnaire so you can share any specific ideas you have and your overall vision for your session. If you aren’t really sure on the design for your session, no problem. I’ll share examples of the types of images we can create for you and together we will pick out your favorite looks. You are welcome to share screenshots of favorite images as well as Pinterest boards.

fine art maternity session

2) Choosing what to wear

Deciding on what to wear for your session depends a lot on the design and overall aesthetic you’ve decided on. At your design consultation we will talk more about the right gowns for the looks you are wanting to achieve. Prior to your consultation you can view our collection of over 100 beautiful couture gowns here. Then at your design consultation we will pull out your favorites for you to try on. For all of my maternity sessions I allow you to select as many gowns as you like. I want you to have as many options as you please. We will even talk about what type of bra and underwear to bring. In most cases a skin colored strapless bra that is relatively low cut will work great.

If your significant other or your children will also be participating in your design consultation we will talk about wardrobe choices for everyone at the design consultation as well. For girls of all ages I have a number of beautiful gown choices. I also have some dapper outfits for little boys.

fine art maternity session

3) What to do for hair and makeup

One of my client’s favorite benefits of our fine art maternity sessions is the ability to add professional hair and makeup to your session. Our preferred artist is the amazing Victoria Pepen Beauty. All of our clients adore her. She is a beauty magician. We have you arrive to the studio a couple hours before your session and Victoria will get you ready in the comfort of our hair and makeup room.

If you are comfortable doing your own hair and makeup there are a few things I recommend. Exfoliate and moisturize generously prior to applying makeup. This makes such a difference in how your skin photographs. For makeup I love a flawless, natural look that is elevated but not too over the top. I do prefer that you wear lashes as they can make a tremendous difference in photos.

fine art maternity session

4) Don’t forget the little details

I recommend neutral nail colors or natural nails. Bright and bold colors are pretty but can distract from the overall look of the images. We keep nail polish and remover in the studio in case you forget.

You may also wish to bring jewelry or other meaningful accessories to wear during your session. I am happy to help you select what will look best with each of your gowns. While shoes aren’t necessary for most of the looks if you have a special pair of heels you want to incorporate into an image just let me know. We also keep a variety of unique and fun jewelry pieces in the studio that you are welcome to use.

fine art maternity session

5) Take care of yourself before your session

A lot of women don’t think to eat before they come for their session. I highly encourage that you make sure you eat well and stay hydrated before your maternity session. You’ll be on your feet and holding poses a good portion of the time during your session and if you haven’t eaten you may feel lightheaded or woozy. We keep a delicious array of snacks and cold beverages in the studio for our clients as well.

Shave, wax and all the things. I typically recommend avoiding tanning lotions and spray tans unless you do this regularly and get even and great results.

Most importantly, just relax. Let us take care of everything including you. Our hair and makeup artist will pamper you and during your maternity session we will help you look your absolute best while capturing these beautiful memories.

fine art maternity session

For more information about our fine art maternity photography session you can contact us here.