Victoria Pepen Beauty is back again and this time she is sharing her best tips for easy makeup for pregnancy and post pregnancy. I love her tips and product suggestions. And we love Victoria and how she pampers each of our amazing clients. Take it away Victoria!

Easy Makeup for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Hi! I’m Victoria and I’m glad to be back with another blog for Lindsay Walden Photography.

It’s hard feeling your best during pregnancy and post pregnancy. During pregnancy you are sick, tired, dealing with new body changes, and once the baby arrives you are extremely tired, you don’t have a lot of extra time and again dealing with new body changes. While pregnancy and post pregnancy brings so many joys all in all, most don’t feel like themselves. We look in the mirror and maybe don’t feel like we look the best. Our tired eyes show and maybe there is some dehydration in our face. 

I want to share some tips for quick, easy makeup for pregnancy and post pregnancy to help you feel better while still leaving time for all the baby things! 

Most of my clients feel makeup is confusing and complicated, but really all it takes is a few products to look awake and refreshed. 

Great Makeup Starts with Skincare

I tell everyone that great makeup starts with skin care. So of course i’ll always recommend that first before anything! At a minimum, if you exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize, your skin will thank you and you will be glowing! 3 easy steps for skin and 3-5 easy steps for makeup and that is all you need! You can read more of my skincare tips on a two part blog here.

Okay so assuming you are taking care of your skin and putting on moisturizer daily, let’s talk about makeup.

Easy Makeup for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Under Eye Care

First step to looking awake, not so tired, or like you just had a baby is your under eyes! If you do nothing at all, do this one step and you will look refreshed and awake and put together! 

Most people don’t have as bad of dark circles as they think, but usually most need a little color correction. 

If you correct well, then you really may not need actual concealer at all! On my days off, that’s all I do and I feel 100% better doing this one step. Also make sure you have applied either eye cream or moisturizer beforehand to also help with any dehydration.

The best and easiest color correction concealer is from Smash Box. Technically the brand that originally carried these color correctors was Becca. But Smash Box took them over. The formula is great and is a full coverage color corrector that uses light to brighten dark under eyes. They have 4 shades which include: fair/light, medium, medium/dark, and dark. And because it’s a corrector and not a regular concealer these ranges will cover everyone.

Side note: There is a dupe for half the price that I love from a brand called Beauty Pie (which offers the most amazing skin care products that I have been using for 2 years now). Beauty Pie only has 3 colors, however. Fair/light, medium/deep and deep.

So now that you have corrected and brightened those eyes you can either leave it, go on to the other steps or if you want a little more coverage then add a touch of concealer on top.

Easy Makeup for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy


Next step is tinted brow gel. Tinted Brow gel is the easiest for a fast look. Most brow gels have little fibers to help brows look thicker. Most every brand has a tinted brow gel. So try a few and see what you like best! I like smaller brushes but bigger brushes get it on faster and in one swipe.

Adding color to your brows will help shape your eye and help enhance what we already brightened.


Next, a touch of mascara. Nothing fancy just add a little. A lot of times using a lighter color mascara or even a clear mascara adds a little without looking over done. Either way adding mascara also helps brighten our eyes and make us look more awake!

You could always end here or choose to add a cream blush or bronzer for some added touch of color!

Easy Makeup for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Dewy Skin

Final step is one of my favorite steps at the end of makeup or even on a bare face. Many have seen me use that purple bottle several times during makeup applications. Its probably the one item I have purchased over and over more than anything else.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist spray. I’ve tried all the dupes and nothing compares to this! Trust me! This and Tatcha’s Rice soft cream wash are both my favorites that I’ve purchased over and over and no dupes compare.

Don’t let the luminous dewy part scare you if you are an oily skin gal. This works for everyone and if too dewy then a little powder in the T zone can help that. This spray is not a setting spray, but a liquid moisturizer! It can be used on bare skin, under makeup, over makeup, over foundation, under foundation, throughout the day. Really at any point during the day you can spray this for luminous skin. This spray helps with dullness as well. We all can use some extra radiance and hydration! 

Some info on this spray: it is anti-aging, has 20 botanical oils and humectants, including Okinawa red algae (contains amino acids that promote cell turnover), has hyaluronic acid in it so it plumps up your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed, revitalized and soft. 

And that is it for your quick, refreshed, I’ve slept 8 hours look! 

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Extra Tips

For extra pampering also consider a brow tint, to eliminate the need for brow gel and a lash lift/tint which would eliminate the need for mascara. Those can be done in many salons and last a couple months. The lash lift curls your lashes and tint coats a darker tint on to look like mascara and more awake eyes. 

Anything that helps simplify your beauty routine is always nice especially when you don’t have a ton of time!

Hope these tips for easy makeup for pregnancy and post pregnancy help!