Happy Halloween! In honor of one of my favorite holidays I’m sharing some of my favorite costumed newborns. Get ready for some serious cuteness.

newborn nutcracker costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Sweetest little nutcracker soldier.

newborn Peter Pan costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

newborn fox costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Sleepy fox.

sunflowers by Van Gogh dallas newborn photographer costumed newborns

Inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Sunflowers.

newborn elf costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Elf! Need I say more?

newborn pharmacist costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

When mommy and daddy are both pharmacists. They even had the prescription bottles printed with his name with prescriptions for lots of cuddles.

newborn puppy costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Woof! Sweetest little puppy.

newborn monet poppies dallas photographer costumed newborns

Inspired by a Claude Monet painting with poppies, my dad’s favorite flower.

newborn Jedi costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

May the force be with you. Sleepy little Jedi.

newborn superman costume dallas photographer

Up up and away! Super sweet Superman.

newborn bachelor costume dallas photographer

Will you accept this rose? Best looking bachelor yet.

newborn police costume dallas photographer

Call 911 quick! This cutie stole my heart.

newborn scarecrow costume dallas photographer

Sweet scarecrow.

newborn snowman costume dallas photographer

Frosty the snowman.

newborn army costume dallas photographer

We love and appreciate our service men and women.

newborn woody costume dallas photographer

Everyone’s favorite cowboy Woody.

newborn Pokemon costume dallas photographer

If you are a fan of Pokemon you’ll love this cute Pikachu.

game of thrones newborn costume dallas photographer

Game of Thrones inspired image.

newborn Tiffany's costume dallas photographer

When you just love to shop. Tiffany’s inspired session.

newborn Frida Kahlo costume dallas photographer

I adore this Frida Kahlo inspired costume.

newborn Harry Potter costume dallas photographer

Just finished re-watching the Harry Potter series with my kiddos and we are still big fans.

sherlock and Holmes newborn costumes dallas newborn photographer

This crime solving duo of Sherlock and Holmes are actually related to the original Sherlock TV star.

newborn wolf costume dallas photographer

Big bad wolf. His face is too precious!

iron man newborn costume dallas photographer

Where are my Iron Man fans at?

newborn golf costume dallas photographer

Since my hubby is a PGA golf professional I always love incorporating golf into a newborn session.

starry starry night by Van Gogh newborn photographer dallas

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night. These backdrops are all lovingly handmade by me.

newborn texan costume dallas photographer

Sleepy little Texan.

ballerina by Degas dallas newborn photographer

Inspired by Degas’ ballerinas.

newborn cupid costume dallas photographer

Watch out or this little cupid will get you right in the heart.

newborn bunny costume dallas photographer

Sweet little bunny.

Newborn belle costume dallas photographer

Belle and her friends.

newborn shark costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo.

newborn cowboy costume dallas photographer costumed newborns

Howdy partner.

little old lady newborn costume dallas photographer

Classy little old lady with all her things.

the scream newborn photo dallas

Little Scream from Edvard Munch.

newborn photo session on the beach costumed newborns

Little sailor is ready to set sail.

rapunzel newborn photo dallas costumed newborns

Rapunzel and her prince.

creative newborn photography dallas costumed newborns

Little Red Riding Hood sleeping in the forest.

bear in a tree newborn costumes

Sweet 3 month old teddy bear sleeping in the woods.

costumed newborns baby Yoda dallas photographer

We are PUMPED about the latest season of Mandalorian.

little mermaid newborn photo dallas costumed newborns

Little Mermaid and her friend Flounder.

costumed newborns elephant

Adorable little elephant.

jack and jill newborn photo dallas costumed newborns

Jack and Jill went up the hill.

costumed newborns NICU warrior dallas photographer costumed newborns

This sweet NICU warrior is a major fighter.

Fort Worth newborn photographer costumed newborns

Sweet bear on a shelf.

creative newborn photography dallas

Image inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies.

costumed newborn dapper boy

Dapper little man.

Happy little camper.

newborn pilot

This little pilot is ready for the open skies.

little miss moffet newborn photo dallas

Little Miss Moffet and her spider friend.

All your pals from the hundred acre woods.

Cutest little froggy snuggled on his lily pad.

I could keep going but I don’t want to break the internet. Weren’t these costumed newborns the cutest!? I always enjoy creating new designs and concepts for my clients. Have a fun, new idea for a newborn session. Contact me to schedule your design consultation today!

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