Our Client’s Safety and Health Are Our Top Priorities

As a professional photographer with over a decade of experience working with both expectant mothers and newborns I pride myself on providing my clients with an exceptional experience while maintaining client safety as a top priority. We already have a list of specific steps we take to ensure we are keeping our clients safe and healthy whenever they enter our studio. With the recent concerns over coronavirus we have reevaluated our best practices for client safety and modified or added to them to ensure we keep our littlest clients safe.

Our best practices for client safety

Illness Policy

Our best practices have always included a strict illness policy. If I am ever ill or exposed to any potential serious illness my policy is to cancel sessions until I am cleared by a medical professional. My assistants also follow the same policy. If a client is ill or their child is we ask that they let us know so we can reschedule their session.

Studio Cleanliness

In addition to regularly cleaning our studio we will be completing thorough deep cleanings of the studio frequently. Blankets, wraps, gowns and outfits that are used are cleaned between each session. All potential contact surfaces will be wiped down with bleach products between clients.

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Personal Care

Myself and my two assistants will follow internationally accepted methods for hand washing. We also have a large supply of hand sanitizer that we use frequently and clients are welcome to use as well. 

Snacks and Beverages

We will continue to provide our clients with a yummy array of delicious snacks and cold beverages. For the foreseeable future we will no longer put out our famous jelly bean jar or the bowls of assorted nuts. We will only offer packaged snacks and drinks. Sorry dads. I know those jelly beans are your favorites!

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You and your baby’s health are our top concerns. We will continue to evaluate our best practices for client safety and add to them as we find even better ways to keep you safe.

If you have questions about our safety and health policies please feel free to reach out and we are happy to address any concerns you may have.