The holiday season is a magical time filled with warmth, joy, and togetherness. But nothing can bring more stress to parents than planning their holiday family photoshoot. At Lindsay Walden Photography I love to take all that stress and worry away for you. Here are just a few of the things I love to do to make your holiday family photoshoot an amazing experience.

family holiday images
  1. A Complementary Design Consultation

Before we even schedule your photoshoot let’s meet in person at my beautiful studio in Colleyville for a design consultation. During your consultation we will talk about everything you need to know about your holiday family photoshoot including what to bring and what to expect. We’ll create a plan for the design of your images, any family groupings/special images, etc. I also love to learn a little about your family and kids and individual personalities. My goal is to make sure I have all the information I need to make your session easy and fun for you.

  1. Planning the Location

Depending on your preferences and the weather, you can opt for an indoor studio shoot, a cozy session at home, or an outdoor session in a picturesque park. The location should match the overall theme and atmosphere you want to create in your photos. If you are wanting a holiday theme I offer a selection of gorgeous backdrops to choose from in studio.

holiday family photos
  1. Wardrobe Selection

Coordinating your family’s outfits is essential for a cohesive look in your photos. Consider the season and choose clothing that complements the chosen location. For holiday-themed photos, classic reds and greens are always a good choice. However, you can also get creative with color palettes and textures to add a unique touch. I’ll help you plan out every detail. I also offer an extensive collection of gowns for moms and girls of all ages as well as a few dapper outfits for little boys.

  1. Timing is Everything

Schedule your photoshoot at a time that works best for your family, especially if you have young children. Consider their nap times and meal schedules to ensure everyone is in a good mood and well-rested. I will work with you to make sure you are scheduled at the optimal time.

holiday family photos
  1. Professional Hair and Makeup

If you really want to relax and be pampered before your holiday family photoshoot then you’ll love our professional hair and make up artist. She can meet you at the studio prior to your session and ensure you look amazing for your photos.

holiday family photos

A holiday family photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture the love, warmth, and togetherness of the season. By choosing the right photographer, planning carefully, and embracing the process with patience and flexibility, you’ll create cherished memories that will bring smiles to your faces every time you look back on them. So, go ahead and celebrate the magic of the holidays through the lens of a camera, and make this year’s family photoshoot a cherished tradition. For more information or to schedule your complementary design consultation click here.