As a leading Texas newborn photographer we have clients who travel to us from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We even have clients who come from out of state. This sweet baby girl came to us all the way from Houston. Her parents had a a distinct look they wanted for their precious baby’s newborn images. To reflect their love for their precious baby they wanted to preserve this moment and their baby as art. When her mom was searching online for a photographer that could create that look for them she found an article written about Lindsay Walden Photography all the way in Australia. She told us that she called her husband and told him she found the perfect photographer and that they were going to have to fly to Australia for their newborn photos! I’m sure he was relieved when they realized I was just a few hours north in Dallas.

We love re-creating this beautiful scene inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. So serene and peaceful.

baby as art texas newborn photographerHer parents wanted to convey their love and appreciation for fine art in their daughter’s newborn photos. We were able to incorporate three of our Newborn Masterpiece Collection images into their gallery. Look at her adorable facial expressions in each image. So cute. This next image is inspired by the iconic Vincent van Gogh painting, Starry Starry Night. Truly we have depicted this sweet baby as as art texas newborn photographerThis next painting is lesser known but no less beautiful. Inspired by Claude Monet’s Poppy Field Near Argenteuil, this is one of our as art texas newborn photographerHer whole session is just one beautiful image after another. This image is a composite and is always created with baby laying safely on a flat surface. The swing is photographed separately and the two images are composited together.girl flower swing texas newborn photographerAnother favorite type of image for us to create are our heirloom images. These are images that incorporate an element from home. And in this case it is deeply meaningful. How stunning is the detail in this wedding gown!? baby girl on wedding dress texas newborn photographerImages designed to be meaningful to our clients are also some of our favorites. This precious little one is holding a bunch of her grandmother’s favorite flowers.girl flowers texas newborn photographerHer little button nose profile is just the girl in pink texas newborn photographerAnd we just love it when we capture their sweet smiles.   girl flowers texas newborn photographerWe love serving all of the cities and communities throughout our state as a leading Texas newborn photographer. If you would like more information on reserving your very own fine art newborn photography session please contact us here.